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Tred Barta one year later
An exclusive Interview
by Pat Lefemine

It's been three years since we spoke with Tred Barta. Many things have changed for him...his attitude and philosophy; still many other opinions have remained the same. We asked him some tough questions, and in fine, Barta fashion, he answers them with blunt honesty. This interview is uplifting, inspirational, and at times emotional. Don't skip around, please listen to it all.


Q1 - Update on Tred's condition and his health?
question 1
Q2 - What has Tred and Annie been up to lately?
question 2
Q3 - Why was your show cancelled by NBC? How did you feel about that?
question 3
Q4 - Does Tred have a new philosophy on gear? Game Farms?
question 4
Q5 - Where does Tred draw the line on technology in 2013?
question 5
Q6 - So what scares Tred Barta?
question 6
Q7 - Thoughts on gun control? Liberalization of America? Obama?
question 7
Q8 - What's next for Tred and Annie?
question 8



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