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Our members support wildlife conservation efforts throughout the world through the purchase of hunting licenses, permits and the payment of hunting fees. These expenditures are direct contributions, which help wildlife in their range habitat. Member dues also support wildlife conservation and hunting related programs throughout the world as Safari Club International (SCI) is a world leader in protecting hunting rights and helping range countries to develop and implement programs for the benefit of wildlife and the native human population which must share and, in many cases, compete for vital habitat. Some of SCI's many programs include:


Local Projects


1.         Sportsmen Against Hunger: donation to Salvation Army, Sacramento.

2.         Boy Scouts of America: donation of 3-D animal targets and archery equipment to youth training range at Camp Pahatsi, Soda Springs CA.

3.         Boy Scouts of America: donation of youth archery equipment: bows & arrows to Camp Silverado.

4.         Boy Scouts of America: donation of 3D Deer target to Camp Silverado facility.

5.         Kodiak Brown Bear Trust: financial donation, an SCI matching funds project doubling our donation.

6.         USDA Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest: French Meadows bear-proofing containers project.

7.         California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA): donation to support annual convention.

8.         CA Department of Fish & Game: 1999, 2000 & 2001 West Coast Biologist Conference of (The Wildlife Society).

9.         Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home: various donations of clothes, toys.

10.     Comanche Hills: Youth education event in conjunction with CA IBEP.

11.     Hunter’s Expo: Frontier Archery, Sacramento.

12.     Ed Rice International Sportsmen’s Expo 1998, 1999 & 2000: promoting bowhunting & assistance with the youth archery range.  In Sacramento, San Mateo & Pleasanton.

13.     SCI I-5 billboard project promoting hunting.

14.     Donation of SCI Archery Record Books to local archery shops & taxidermy shops.

15.     Books for Africa: over 66,000 lbs. (33 tons) of used books sent to Africa to help with the African Youth education programs.

16.     “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” Program: Volunteer efforts and educational assistance.

17.     CWA Youth program 1998, 99 and donation of archery equipment for youth camp 2000.

18.     On-going management and financial support of a Governmental Affairs Committee through both volunteer efforts and liaison with A-K Associates, Inc., a professional lobbying firm retained by the club.

19.     Contributions to C P P W to help defeat Prop 4.

20.     Contributions to WLFA & California Outdoor Enthusiast Coalition.

21.     Participation in a Statewide coalition

22.     "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" Program: Volunteer efforts and educational assistance.

23.     CWA Youth program1998, Donation of archery equipment for youth camp. 2000.

24.     On-going management and financial support of: “Resource Education Network”, a group of multiple-use, grass-roots and resource-related organizations.

25.     $20,518.59 donated to SCI headquarters to support worldwide SCI projects and efforts.

26.     Camp Fire Boys & Girls Archery Project.

27.     Printing costs of “I’m On Target” Certificates and Educational animal coloring habitat papers for youth archery activities. 2000 & 2001

28.     Joining Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America as a Corporate Sponsor, giving an additional financial donation for their fundraiser. 2001


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Code of Ethics

"Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat, and future generations, I pledge:

Chapter Meetings

Our chapter meetings are a great place to gather with others who share your interest in hunting, wildlife, and shooting sports. Our meetings are also a great place to learn about new bowhunting & hunting opportunities, outfitters, guides, and so forth. Our members have hunted throughout the world for a wide range of species including, for example, bear, sheep, elk, moose, caribou, Cape Buffalo, kudu, ibex, and of course, deer.

Membership meetings are generally held throughout the year (see calendar of events) with the annual fundraiser. Meetings begin with a social hour followed by dinner and programs.

Please contact our chapter via e-mail (see below) for more information.

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