The Kansas Bowhunters Association Is ….

…..a fraternal organization of Kansas bowhunters. Bowhunting is the primary interest of the membership and the ultimate aim is the proper harvest of wild game with a bow and arrow in a humane and sportsman-like manner.

The KBA stands for the wise use of our natural resources and the conservation of our wild game and their habitat. With this in mind, the KBA stipulates that only persons who are willing to put forth the effort to assure that the sport will be undertaken in a humane, sportsmanlike manner, should attempt to harvest game with a bow and arrow.

The impetus of the KBA has been directed not to the taking of large numbers of game animals, but rather toward the taking of game in an ethical, humane manner … a manner which enhances the hunters character, not his fame.



In the summer of 1973, a group of bowhunting enthusiasts gathered at the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Management Area near Great Bend, Kansas, to enjoy each others company and to arrow a few carp. While enjoying the moment, they found themselves discussing the organization of a club dedicated to the sport of bowhunting. It was from this humble beginning, The Kansas Bowhunters Association was born.

One fundamental need that prompted the forming of the KBA was the obvious need for a strong, united force in Kansas’s bowhunting. By establishing a good relationship with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, the KBA would be able to influence regulations governing the sport of bowhunting.



Since its formation, the KBA has worked with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, in adopting a minimum bow weight of 45 pounds, establishing Kansas’ first archery antelope season, establishing a fall archery turkey season, extending shooting hours, multiple deer permits, legal harvest of bull frogs with the bow, and introducing and cosponsoring the International Bowhunter Education Program statewide.

Our "bounty Against Poaching" program has gained national recognition, as well as serving as a standard for other sportsmen’s organizations within our state.

The KBA has been actively involved in fighting the anti-hunting movement. Although we haven’t had real problems in Kansas, we have been active, through monetary donations to several other states. KBA is a member of and supports The Wildlife Legislative Fund of America. This organization is the single most important collection of bowhunting defenders in the nation.



Members are kept abreast of topics that relate to the bowhunting sport via a bimonthly magazine, "The Kansas Bowhunter". Each issue includes columns from the Executive Council Members, various club news and shoot dates are included, legislative updates are given, and entertaining, as well as informative stories and pictures are contributed by members.



The highlight of the organizational year is the Convention and Awards Banquet. The last weekend of February finds members from across Kansas and various other states gathering for a weekend of business meetings, banquets, clinics and displaying of trophy animals harvested by members during the past season.

Each year’s banquet has a guest speaker. The list of speakers is as impressive as their messages. Some notable speakers that have informed and entertained members and guests in recent years include Maggie McGee, Brad Harris, Judd Cooney, Billy Ellis, Len Cardinale, Jim Dougherty, Dr. Dave Samuels, Glen St. Charles, Judy Kovar, M.R. James, Dick Robertson and Dwight Schuh.

The Banquet is completed after the animals that have been harvested are recognized. Winners in all Pope and Young categories are recognized. Awards are given for photography, artwork, shed antlers, and best pose of hunter and trophy and best taxidermy display.

Sunday morning finds members attending a non-denominational church service, doing some last minute shopping in the vendor’s display and attending various mini clinics.



Each year members enjoy a series of programs or shoots. The new year begins with a "Bunny Hunt" in March. Traditionally members have returned to Cheyenne Bottoms, to where it all began, for a weekend of champing, shooting and hunting of the quick-footed cottontail rabbit.

In the past a Prairie Dog Shoot has been held in May or June.. Try harvesting a speedy, leery prairie dog with a bow and arrow, talk about a challenge. During June and July, members take to the waters of state lakes, reservoirs and streams to harvest rough fish with their bows. Carp, buffalo and gar are the primary targets. Members may wade, walk the shoreline, and utilize boats or canoes to get to their quarry.

August finds members gathering at a host archery range for their Annual Rendezvous. Camping, shooting, shopping at vendor displays and lots of visiting about hunts and the upcoming season are the main events.

Conservation activities are also a priority with the KBA. Since 1993 and the destruction caused by the flooding, KBA has replanted over 25,000 trees to replace habitat. The replanting began at Glen Elder Reservoir, then to Tuttle Creek, Wilson Lake and Cedar Bluff. KBA continues to try to put back into nature, for allowing us to take from nature. In 1996, the Kansas State Forestry Association named KBA Conservation Organization of the Year.


Executive Council


Shawn W. Harding

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Richard Showalter
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Secretary Treasurer

Robert Griffin

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Past President

Drew McCartney

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NE Representative

Jerry Viera
dardanus@[email protected]

SW Representative

Fred Nichols      
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NW Representative

Matthew Palmquist
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SE Representative

Bob Funke

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Kansas Bowhunters Association, Inc.
By-Laws Items 2 and 6

Kansas Bowhunters Association, Inc.
By-Laws Items 2 and 6

Purposes: It is the purpose of the Kansas Bowhunters Association, Inc. to be an organization whose membership consists of the Bowhunters and who vow:
(a) That by reason of choice, bowhunting is their primary archery and hunting interest, and that they are dedicated to the harvesting of wild game with bow and arrow in a humane and sportsmanlike manner.
(b) To share with others their experiences, knowledge, and shooting skills.
(c) To be conscientious bowhunters, promoting bowhunting by working to elevate its standards and the standards of those who practice the art of bowhunting.
(d) To provide training for others in safety, shooting skill, hunting techniques and with knowledge to defend and promote bowhunting.
(e) To practice the wise use of our natural resources, the conservation of our wild game, and the preservation of the natural habitat.
(f) To keep the membership informed of current state and national events that affect bowhunting.

REQUIREMENTS: Membership shall be granted to a person who:
(a) Has satisfactorily completed a membership application.
(b) Has had an application accepted by unanimous vote of the Executive Council of the Kansas Bowhunters Association, Inc.
(c) Has made payment of applicable membership fees to the Kansas Bowhunters Association, Inc.
(d) Follows, in the strictest sense, the Bowhunters Code of Ethics.
(e) Is of good moral character.
(f) Agrees to abide by these by-laws.
(g) Hunts big game with the heaviest bow that can be handled with accuracy. It is recommended that a bow be used that has a minimum draw weight of forty-five pounds at his natural draw or with a compound bow having a peak weight of forty-five pounds. Uses broadheads that are adequately sharp to insure a quick and humane kill.
(h) The membership fee shall be payable annually and is due the date of joining. This fee is determined by the Executive Council.
(i) A membership may be rescinded by a unanimous vote of the Executive Council with no refund of fees. Two-thirds of the returned mail vote of the membership, upon appeal, shall reinstate the member. The appeal ballots will have a return address of the Secretary-Treasurer. The mailing cost associated with the appeal will be the responsibility of the member whose membership was rescinded.
(j) There shall be three levels of voting membership as follows:

(1) Must be a minimum of eighteen years of age.
(2) Meets membership requirements as outlined in 6.(a) through (g).

(1) Must be a minimum of eighteen years of age.
(2) Has harvested, with bow and arrow, at least one big game animal to indicate bowhunting skill.
(3) Has been an active bowhunter a minimum of one year.
(4) Meets membership requirements as outlined in 6.(a) through (g).

(1) Must be a minimum of eighteen years of age.
(2) Has harvested, with bow and arrow, at least four big game animals to indicate bowhunting skill.
(3) Has been an active bowhunter a minimum of four years.
(4) Must serve as a active Regular member for at least five consecutive years, prior to acceptance to Senior membership.
(5) Meets membership requirements as outlined in 6.(a) through (g).
(6) Must appear before the Board of Review after completion of requirements (1) through (5) and be unanimously accepted by the Board members before becoming a Senior member

(k) A Junior membership shall be available to a bowhunter under eighteen years of age provided he is sponsored by an Associate, Regular, or Senior member. The sponsor must participate with and be responsible for the Junior member’s actions at all KBA events. The sponsor must agree to educate the Junior member as outlined in the Purpose of these by-laws.
Note: Definition of North American big game is determined by current Pope and Young specifications. Foreign big game will be reviewed by the Executive Council.

I firmly resolve, without reservation or equivocation, to uphold the following bowhunting principles:
· That I will support national, state and provincial regulatory agencies and conservation organizations in the propagation and management of all game.
· That I will at all times actively support and promote hunting with the bow.
· That I will abide by current game regulations and at all times conduct myself as a sportsman so as not bring discredit to the bowhunting fraternity.
· That I will respect landowners' rights.
· That I will assist all bowhunters in locating places to hunt, but I will not impose myself knowingly on another bowhunter.
· That I will enjoy the challenge of the hunt and will study the habits of the game I hunt.
· That I will use legal archery equipment and will search long and diligently to track down and recover any wounded game.
· That I will not undertake or commit any act which could be construed as detrimental to the ancient and honorable art of bowhunting.

Membership Form